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Malay IGCSE Year 7 & 8

UNIT 1 : Pengajian Selepas Sekolah (Further Education) UNIT 2 : Komunikasi (Communication) UNIT 3 : Bahasa di Tempat Kerja (Languages in Work) UNIT...
4 Lectures
UNIT 1 : Persekitaran Geografi (Natural Landscape) UNIT 2 : Tempat dan Adat di Luar Negara (Traditional Customs of Different Countri...
4 Lectures
UNIT 1 : Penginapan Semasa Bercuti (Holiday Accommodation) UNIT 2 : Percutian Yang Bermakna (Meaningful Holidays) UNIT 3 : Alam Semula Jadi (Nature...
4 Lectures
UNIT 1 : Panduan Arah (Directions) UNIT 2 : Perkhidmatan Awam (Public Services) UNIT 3 : Tempat Untuk Dilawati Dan Tarikan Pelancong (Places to Vis...
4 Lectures
UNIT 1 : Bertemu Orang Daripada Pelbagai Latar Belakang (Meeting People From Different Backgrounds) UNIT 2 : Kehidupan dan Percutian di Luar Negara...
4 Lectures
UNIT 1 : KATA GANTI NAMA (Pronouns) UNIT 2 : KATA BANTU (Auxiliary Words) UNIT 3 : KATA TANYA (Question Words) UNIT 4 : KATA SENDI NAMA (Prepositio...
4 Lectures

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Get your child started with the journey of academic advancement. Empower them with resources prepared by the best teachers of the subject.

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